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What is New and Exciting About TourBoarding?

Tourboarding.com offers a new, à la carte, self-design travel model for exploring and experiencing China at very low to no cost. By becoming a free or VIP member of Tourboarding.com, you can receive free room and board all over China and a variety of free services such as Chinese language instruction, tour guiding, and cultural immersion activities such as Chinese cooking, painting, calligraphy and music in exchange for speaking fluent English or other in-demand languages for two hours a day to local host families.

Although Tourboarding.com was officially launched on May 1, 2010, it has already received the attention of the international media. See the links at the bottom of the page for some of the press coverage we have received.

The Chinese are passionate about studying foreign languages due to China's rapid economic development and special role in world trade and commerce, notably the strong presence of foreign companies doing business here. Since China has become a melting pot of both Eastern and Western culture, Tourboarding hopes to offer foreign travelers to China the opportunity to leverage their in-demand language skills in exchange for the hospitality, generosity, and friendship of the Chinese, resulting in a win-win situation for both. Presently, the foreign languages that the Chinese most desire proficiency in are English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.